Helmet Heat

Gutter Helmet gutter covers are uniquely engineered to handle heavy, wet snow and ice dams too. Installing Gutter Helmet can also help prevent ice dams by keeping leaves out so gutters won’t clog and build up with freezing rain water, thus increasing the likelihood of ice dams.

For added protection consider installing Helmet Heat system which can greatly reduce or eliminate icicles that form along the nose of your Gutter Helmet System and on roof overhangs. Helmet Heat consists of 3 heat cables securely fastened to the gutter and Gutter Helmet cover using patented brackets. This method is proven to evenly distribute heat throughout the gutter system and eliminate any icicles or ice dams that would normally occur.

Helmet Heat from Gutter Helmet of WNC

Heat Cables can even be installed into valleys to reduce normal wear and tear on your home and excessive ice build-up. The system will eliminate ice 8-10” inches from the nose of the Gutter Helmet, ensuring that your entire home drainage system will be ice-free. Your local certified Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina certified installer can install Helmet Heat directly onto an existing Gutter Helmet system for an added layer of protection for you and your home this winter. Call our office for more details 828-681-5555.